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About Us

Center of His Will Christian Faith Center Church is a non-denominational culturally diverse Christian Church. We are “The Church with an Attitude…For CHRIST.” Our doors were first opened in June 1995. The name of the church was given by God to the pastors when they were in prayer. The name depicted the desire and the heart of the pastors, “to be in the Center of His Will.” The scripture adopted was Matthew 26:39. And he went a little further and fell on his face, and prayed saying, “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt.”

The first service was held in the home of Pastor Jon Haywood Sr., and Pastor Gloria Haywood on the enclosed patio. As they sent out letters, others were excited about Center of His Will and the church began growing. Amongst many were the first Assistant Pastors, Pastor Rodney Pichon (deceased), and Pastor Vicki Pichon (deceased). The anointing has been great upon Center Of His Will Christian Faith Center. Despite the economic crisis of 2008 and the beginning of the pandemic of 2020, Center of His Will still stands strong under God’s anointing.


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Meet The Pastoral Team


Dr. Jon A. Haywood Sr.

Founder & Senior Pastor

Dr. Gloria D. Haywood

Founder & Senior Pastor

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Bruce Haywood SR.

Assistant Pastor


Jaynell Haywood

Assistant Pastor


Dr. Darnell Banks Sr.

Associate Pastor


Dr. Janice Banks

Associate Pastor



Pastor Rodney


Pastor Vicki

Center of His Will Christian Faith Center will forever be grateful to God for the gifts He gave us in Rodney and Vicki Pichon. When we were in the beginning stages of starting the ministry Rodney and Vicki were the first members and the first Assistant Pastors. What they brought to the ministry was invaluable. Both Pastors were highly anointed to do the job God called them to do. Pastor Rodney and Pastor Vicki had the hearts of a pastor. Pastor Rodney led the church in building our sanctuary and offices. Pastor Vicki was not only an awesome pastor, but she was also an awesome Praise and Worship Leader. She was extremely creative causing church life to be life in church. In 2006, Pastor Rodney joined his family in paradise. In 2021, Pastor Vicki (fondly called VP) also joined Pastor Rodney in paradise. They are truly missed and we will never forget their love shown toward Center Of His Will Christian Faith Center.
Dr. Jon and Dr. Gloria Haywood and the Center Of His Will Family. 

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